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Our Story

This idea came to me back in 2017 after our first hospitalization, but it wasn't until our last admission that I could visualize it. Just like the first time, I had nothing with me but the clothes on my back and my wallet. I had to spend close to $100 at the gift shop each time on toiletries and some clothing. Luckily, I had the means to do so, but trust me when I say I have had my fair share of hard times and empathize with anyone who is struggling financially. I cannot even begin to imagine what one with limited means does in these situations.

City living is great, but getting to and from downtown can be a nightmare. Sometimes it is just not feasible to go home and pack a bag for your stay. What if you are a single parent and do not have anyone that can bring you some clean clothes and toiletries?

We, as parents, have enough to stress over. Gift shop prices are outrageous! No one should have to spend a small fortune at the gift shop on a pair of pajama pants, underwear, and toiletries when the unfortunate situation of a child’s hospitalization arises.

This is why I created The NOAH Project - No parent Ought to be Affected by Hospitalization.

My vision is to create a one of a kind service for hospital parents; a FREE care package consisting of everything you need to get through some of your toughest days.


Founder of The NOAH Project

Our Story: About Us
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