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That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I’ve mentioned this before but don’t recall if I shared the story to go with it. I absolutely ❤️ these slipper socks; I have 2 pairs of them. I bought a pair at the hospital gift shop each hospitalization.

When you are confined to a room for days on end, you don’t want to keep your shoes on, but you don’t want to walk around in just your socks either. Hospitals tend to be very cold, especially at night.

These slipper socks gave me much needed comfort and warmth during our stays.

So much so, that I forgot I was wearing them at one point and walked around the whole hospital wearing them!

Day 4 of our first hospitalization:

By day 4, I was so sleep deprived, I did not know if I was coming or going. Noah was not improving despite being on IV antibiotics for a few days at that point. The entourage ordered more imaging. If you have ever been at Lurie's, you know you are never seen by just one doctor. They stroll in as a gang at all hours of the night.

Reason #5616465126165454 why you don't get any rest at the hospital:

As soon as you fall asleep, they come charging in and witness you sleeping in the most unnatural of positions, freezing but sweaty because you are stuck to a plastic chair that is your sleeping accomodations, snoring and drooling away, with your hair looking like you put your finger in an electrical outlet...I digress.

The transporter came and whisked Noah away to imaging on another floor. I was able to go down with them but not allowed to go into the room once we get there, so I wait in the hall. Noah was only 7 months old so they needed to put him under to get all the imaging done.

What seemed like an eternity later, our Dr. comes out and shares his findings.

Noah has lymphadenitis (lymph node abcess) and a branchial cleft cyst.

He needs surgery NOW.

Naturally, I fall apart.

He just came out of anesthesia from the imaging. You want to put him under again?!? I haven't even seen my baby yet!

I am reassured by the entourage it is safe to do so.

I sign the consent.

I am given instructions to go to another floor, so I start walking. Another long hallway, another elevator ride...

It was not until I reached this final waiting room and look down, I AM WEARING SLIPPERS! I have been walking down all these halls, taking the elevator, talking to random people this whole time, all the while not wearing any shoes. I start laughing out loud to myself. I am sure I looked INSANE but I did not care. I needed this laugh so bad right then and there.

The Dr. then comes out and informs me everything went great and I can go comfort my baby who is now in recovery. I get to walking and now fully aware I have no shoes on! 😆

A year later, when Noah was hospitalized a second time and I had to buy things from the gift shop AGAIN, the first thing I grabbed was a pair of fuzzy, slipper socks.

When I started to think about organizing The NOAH Project and what I wanted to put in the care packages, these slipper socks immediately came to mind. Every mom should be able to walk around comfortably and not have to keep her shoes on all day while being confined to their child’s room...and should she happen to get a chance to leave; she knows that these were tested thoroughly by yours truly and she can rest assure these will uphold through countless days and nights walking all over the hospital.

Want to give a hospital mom a gift of these fuzzy slipper socks?

Check out our Amazon Wishlist:

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