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Waffles and Inspiration

TGIF. This post is gonna go in several directions. It’s gonna tell a story, promote a business, and hopefully inspire.

It really is a small 🌎. I have been so excited to try this new cafe that just opened up down the block. Noah and I finally had the chance to go this morning.

Upon walking in, I immediately recognize the owner, Zee, and am overcome with so many emotions. So much so that I start to tear up. She recognized us too and we immediately hug each other.

Zee took care of Noah in the ER at Skokie Hospital-Northshore University Healthsystem back in February. She was amazing at keeping him calm while he was being poked multiple times and getting breathing treatments. At one point, she took his troll doll and was tickling him with the hair. 😊 He loved it so much that we had to snap a picture of them together. 📸

Noah was then transferred to Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago for direct admission. As Noah was being put into Lurie’s ambulance for the transfer, Zee and another nurse were loading up his gurney with stuffed animals, a blanket (the infamous Charlene; that story to come at a later time), and snacks for me (they overheard me say how I felt sick as I had not eaten anything that day and it was already late in the afternoon). The team in that ER delivered exceptional care and I have never forgotten about any of them.

Fast forward 6 months, Zee is now the owner of Crepe House Cafe located at 5033 N. Elston Ave in Chicago. It is such a cute place. They have crepes, waffles, coffee, and ice cream. Noah and I shared a berry waffle and it was absolutely delicious!!!! Everything was so fresh. I highly recommend.

Do you know what also happened in 6 months? I made The NOAH Project a reality. Do you see what can happen when you put fear aside and just go for it?! Do you see how in just a short time, you can accomplish so much with some hard work and perseverance?! Do you see how kindness impacts others and how people never forget how you made them feel?! It only takes 1 interaction with someone to affect them for the rest of their lives!

I will get off my soapbox now. I hope everyone goes and visits Zee at Crepe House Cafe. Tell her Vanessa and Noah sent you. I also hope that today is the day you start working on that thing that gives you so much joy and passion in your life.

❤️, Vanessa and Noah

Zee keeping Noah calmy by tickling him with his troll doll.

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