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White Prius

Updated: Aug 25, 2019


Our delivery last night was a success. Our mom was very appreciative of the care package we put together for her. It was our first time delivering at Advocate Children's Hospital - Park Ridge and also Julie Jacobi's first delivery run with me. It was also our first weekend delivery. Lots of firsts here!

Here I come with another story for you all.... When I started to envision The NOAH Project and bringing it to life, I pictured making our deliveries in a white Prius. Very random, I know...especially considering I do not own a Prius! 😆

Anywhoooo, I then started thinking of who I want on my team. I had met a mom in a neighborhood Facebook group and although we never met in person at that point, we had an instant connection. We started brainstorming and figuring out what needs to be done to get up and running. I knew that she needed to be on the board. When I finally asked her if she was interested, I, of course, had to share my Prius vision with her. To this she replied, "I HAVE A PRIUS!"

I remember laughing so hard and just knowing that the universe is aligning all of this up for me. The NOAH Project is going to do great things. I feel it, I KNOW IT!

With all of that said, Julie drove last night. We pulled up to the hospital in her WHITE PRIUS. My vision has officially come to life. The NOAH Project has arrived!

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