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I don't even know where to begin as I reflect on my delivery this evening. I delivered a package to a mom who was not even here yet. She was actually en route from the airport when I got there. Her very young son has been here since mid June for surgical medical treatment. I cannot even begin to imagine what this woman feels. The thought of my son being sent to another country to have surgery and stay in a hospital without me...I cannot even put into words the agony I immediately start to feel.

I left the care package with the person who helped facilitate this family obtaining Humanitarian Parole here. Now here I thought, I was doing something good.


This incredible woman who has a family of her own, is at the hospital so the child is not alone. Now that is an amazing woman! I am having a hard time articulating everything I am feeling right now so I'll just end it with this...

Hug those babies tight tonight!

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